Programming Parallel Computers

HY 2023–2024

X0b: GPU experiments

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What you will need to do in this task

Please read the general instructions for this exercise first. Here are the additional instructions specific to this task:

If you want to see how our grading system will compile and run some arbitrary GPU code, please feel free to use this task. There are no tests, but you can run the benchmarks.

What I will try to do with your code

I will first run all kinds of tests to see that your code works correctly. You can try it out locally by running ./grading test, but please note that your code has to compile and work correctly not only on your own computer but also on our machines.

If all is fine, I will run the benchmarks. You can try it out on your own computer by running ./grading benchmark, but of course the precise running time on your own computer might be different from the performance on our grading hardware.


Name Parameters
benchmarks/1 x = 1


In this task your submission will be graded using benchmarks/1.

There are no points available for submissions to this task, but you can freely use this task for experimentation.